Re-Cap ng PNoy Admin

Nabasa ng ating ninja itong isang post ng dating yellow supporter at gusto naming i-share sa inyo.

Matapos niyong mabasa ito, baka pati kayo, maalala nyo ang administrasyon ni PNoy bilang isang malaking OOOPssss!


My journey to indecency…

If I have offended any of my friends or relatives, please accept my humble apology. No intention to insult or offend you, just to shake you a little, just as I had been shaken and sent down the road to indecency . The chronology of events may be inaccurate, pasensya.

Noon disente ako, ngayon hinde na .

Truth be told, I was solidly for Noynoy-Mar and the Liberal party , I campaigned relentlessly for them. Convinced my friends who were undecided to vote for Noynoy despite his lack of experience and track record.

For about four years I maintained solidly behind him. Rooted for him, celebrated his succeses.

People starting calling him names . Isip ko, nawalan lang kayo ng delihensya nung nawala si GMA kaya galit kayo. I cheered when CJ Corona was impeached. FOI bill, wala pa.
I recall some concern when Robredo was forced to share authority of DILG with a PNoy shooting buddy. Then the HKG tourists were hostaged and killed under PNoys nose … Hmm , well he was not the ground commander and it’s not his forte , ok lang yan, minalas.

The blaming of everything on GMA, it’s your problem now PNoy, deal with it. Hmm.
Then I recall, Zamboanga invasion, Earthquake , Yolanda, Pablo , Habagat, a succession of unlucky occurrences … Teka, unlucky lang nga ba ? … FOI bill forgotten, Napoles , followed by DAP… Oops , Cong. Abad taught Napoles , and he’s now DBM Sec. OOOPS. Syndicated plunder .

Then MRT started breaking down and the maintenance contract fiasco was exposed, finger pointing .

Purisima and the money making of his friend turned courier for firearm licenses.
Double Ooops. What’s happening ?

Laglag bala under Uncle Honrado’s watch.
Balikbayan box project..
Mamasapano ,44 dead, 44 families orphaned of fathers, i guess was the final straw… Why break the chain of command ? Why with suspended Purisima !? Why not take responsibility. Then the withdrawal of P1B from PCSO or was it PAGCOR by Purisima.
Wala, nawala na ang lahat ng bilib ko., naubos.

I can no longer be swayed by your words and promises, because for the last 6 years, i have already seen your actions.

Noon disente ako, ngayon hindi na.


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